Cafe del Mar – Chill Music

Cafe del Mar is a franchise of bars that was set up in 1980 in what used to be the quaint town of Sant Antony de Portmay on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. It is no longer quaint and is regarded as the Summer clubbing capital of Europe.

Loosely translated from Spanish, Cafe del Mar means Cafeteria by (or of) the sea. There have been many imitations, but the franchise has gone global, with presences in the fellow Mediterranean island of Malta and as far as Sydney, in Australia.

The concept is simple, white upmarket outdoor furniture set out by a pool, a glorious sunset over the sea, a delicious cocktail and a DJ spinning some tunes. In 1999, the owner decided to create a label and release sets of songs that were played at the venue, creating what has become an a global institution in chill music.

When the compilations were first released they were on tape format, but since then it has evolved to compact discs and vinyls as well as digital download format. The last recorded release was in April of 2017 and that was the twenty second album that has been released under the Cafe del Mar label.

Cafe del Mar has grown into a global phenomenon. While the roots of the concept still lies with chill music at a sunset location by the sea, various merchandise is on offer and there are various concerts and sets that are organised under the label on a temporary basis. Sometimes party organisers will seek the blessing of the franchise owners to organise an event. Permission is often given, but it always has to fall within the parameters of banging tunes by the sea and the most important element of all is sunset, when the set hits its climax.

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