Motivational Music For Exercise

Nowadays, people can take their music with them everywhere they go thanks to MP3 technology and this is great news for fitness buffs.

You can simply strap your mobile phone to your arm in a harness, programme a playlist and go off and do your running with some tunes to keep you motivated as you eat up the kilometres.

Most people prefer fast tempo upbeat motivational music to help them along. The faster beat allows you to keep a faster pace.

The history of this goes back to hunts in Africa where tribesmen would beat a drum as they ran across thee plains to hunt down their prey. This also evolved into cadenced marching in times of war where a drum would beat to keep soldiers in step and moving forward at a good pace when advancing in a column, and even when attacking an enemy.

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Science proves that humans can keep up a better pace when following a beat. You can see this when we dance, the faster the beat, the quicker the dance moves.

Fitness is no different, if you set some music to play, you will be able to exercise at a faster pace. Boxers, for example, tend to work out to upbeat hip-hop music which keeps them in the zone while they are doing their cardio-vascular workouts as well as when they are throwing combinations on the bag. Motivational music means something different to everyone, because at the end of the day, it depends on what type of exercise you are doing and what type of music you enjoy listening to. It is very much a personal choice. If one wanted to relax and do yoga, Heavy Metal might not be the right choice. But then again, a runner might be quite happy to have Vivaldi’s Four Seasons symphony playing in their ears, because it is still up tempo motivational music.

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