New Zealand Dub and Reggae

New Zealand music artists are known for mixing the styles of reggae and dub to create incredible sounds that are unique to this part of the world.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

These New Zealand music artists have been creating incredible music since the 1990s. The band features seven members from Wellington and they combine various styles to put together a fascinating blend of dub, reggae, blues and jazz. They also use some of the more modern styles such as dub step, techno and a bit of house.

While the band focuses on putting together studio albums, most of them also have side projects that they turn to when not recording or touring. The band hit the international stage in 2003 with their fantastic track Midnight Marauders and they tour the continent of Europe every year.

They are also known for improvising during their performances, much like you would expect of a jazz band. Their 2005 album True Story won the best album at the NZ Music Awards and stayed in the Top 40 Chart for an incredible two year period. This band is widely regarded to be the best that New Zealand has every produced.


Another New Zealand music artist who is gaining popularity all over the world is Lorde, from Auckland. This singer and songwriter has a very particular voice that is unmistakable once you have heard it.

Lorde’s debut single was Royals in 2013 and she has gone from strength to strength since then. That song hit number 1 in the US charts and she followed up wit the album Pure Heroine, which was also released in 2013. She has dominated in the New Zealand charts and has also featured in the US, UK and Australian charts.

She has a dreamy style that really complements her haunting voice. Lorde is a current talent, but she is expected to go on and achieve great things in the music industry.

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