Reggae Songs – Iconic Pieces of Music

When most music lovers think of reggae songs, they automatically thing of the legend Bob Marley.

Bob Marley was born Robery Nesta Marley in Jamaica in 1945. Sadly, his life was cut short by cancer and he died in 1981. Although he left behind an impressive musical legacy, many of his fans wonder what he could have gone on to achieve if he had not died so young.

Bob Marley started out with his band Bob Marley and the Wailers, with who he created an inimitable style that is unique to this day. Many have tried to imitate his style, even some of his sons, but no one can produce reggae songs like he used to.

The Wailers went their separate ways in 1974 and Bob Marley continued to write reggae songs as a solo artist. He relocated to London and released the album Exodus in 1977, which went on to become a massive hit that sold some 75 million copies. Bob Marley was also deeply connected to his African heritage and he tied this to his Rastafari spiritual beliefs. Reggae songs such as Zimbabwe, Exodus, Redemption Song and Survival are all about the oppression that black Africans suffered in their history. These same songs also called for the fostering of a sense of unity among African people and the world in general. Marley also included a political element to his songs and was deeply spiritual. He also loved to play football everywhere he could. He was a fan of the Brazilian team Santos and his favourite player was the Brazilian legend Pele. Marley was known to take a football with him everywhere he went and even had kick-abouts in the recording studio between sessions. He was also known to be a keen marijuana smoker. It was poetic injustice to think that his death was not smoke related, but a melanoma skin cancer.

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