The Edge Music

The Edge Music is a New Zealand based music and related industry magazine that focuses on news, announcements and festivals in the Southern hemisphere.

The site is fully interactive and offers users the opportunity to watch the presenters as they go about their business of putting their show together. It also has an audio option to just listen to the music.

The Edge Music has nothing to do with U2’s guitarist that goes by the the stage name The Edge, but they often do play on that fact and many jokes are made during the shows and on the site, alluding to the similar names.

Because it is based in New Zealand, the Edge Music gives a lot of air time and puts a lot of focus on local acts. The platform does its best to give exposure to up and coming artists and was one of the first radio stations to play tracks by hot talent Lorde, who is from Auckland.

Edge Music also prides itself on trying to deliver as much news as possible about events and music concerts which will take place in New Zealand. Most artist and bands will play both Australia and New Zealand, such as the recent mini-tour by Queens of the Stone Age.

Edge Music organises various competitions and most of the prizes involve free tickets to gigs with the occasional back stage pass. They are currently pushing two performances that involve Lorde and the Chainsmokers, both of which are expected to be sold out.

The online version of The Edge Music also features a scandal section where news stories involving some of the gossip of the music world are published. It is one of the most popular sections of the website and the comments boards are often jammed with people having their say on particular issues.

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